• 4 hot-blast cupola furnaces with oxygen injection system by LINDE HighJet method
  • Actual melting output 2× 13 t/hour as a maximum
  • Produced cast-iron grades: EN-GJL-150, EN-GJL-200 and EN-GJL-250 (selected castings only) according to CSN EN 1561
  • Flue gases dedusting by dry electrostatic precipitators of SCHEUCH Company

Preparation of Sand Mixture

  • Preparation of standardized sand mixture in CNC turbo mixers with testing of mixture quality
  • Preparation of bentonite model mixture

Preparation of sand mixture

Production of Cores

  • Cold-Box machines:
    • Laempe (100 l), Germany
    • Foundry Automation (35 l), Italy
    • GIFOS (15 l), CZ
  • Thermal Shock Method:
    • Röper H12 Core Shooters
    • Röper H25 Core Shooters
    • Gas thermoshock furnaces
  • Manual: ST Mixtures / CT Mixtures

Cleaning and Checking of Castings

  • Highly effective automatic sand-blasting equipment STEM (Slovenia) for sand blasting of castings’ external surface and removal of core leftovers from the internal part of castings up to 280 kg
  • Through-sandblasting chambers made by ŠKODA Company (CZ) with knocking core debris from the interior of castings for weight up to 40 kg

Castings Grinding

  • Robotics workplace by KOYAMA company (Japan)
  • Pedestal grinders
  • Manual grinding

Check the Tightness of Boiler Sections and Boiler Drums

  • Pressure tests of tightness of boiler sections based on EN norm with progressive washout of contaminants out of water space of boiler sections
  • Water pressure tests on each boiler body tightness based on EN norm

Machining and Heat Treatment

  • CNC machining centres and one-purpose machining machines for castings made for heating purposes
  • Other kinds of machining are ensured in cooperation annealing included


Surface Finishing of Castings

  • By spraying or dipping using water-borne paints
  • Own powder coating workshop equipped with automatic line IDEAL LINE and spray cabin GEMA
  • Other kinds of surface finishing in external cooperation

Material Gray Cast Iron According to CSN EN 1561 / Resistance to Tensile Stress Rm

  • EN-GJL-150 / 150 – 250 MPa
  • EN-GJL-200 / 200 – 300 MPa
  • EN-GJL-250 / 250 – 350 MPa

Forming on HWS line

Forming on WG line

Produced Net Weight of Castings

  • 0.5 - 500 kg

Way of Moulding Castings

Way of MouldingNet weight of castings (kg)Max. size of frames (mm)Max. output (of moulds per a shift)
HWS Moulding line (pre-moulding by pressure air impulse with consequent repressing)40 - 2801850 x 1400 x 300/30045 - 175
2 automatic moulding lines WG (pressing by higher nominal pressures)3 - 501350 x 780 x 120/120500 - 1100
Unit moulding machines (jolt-ramming with repressing)0.5 - 100900 x 700 x 310/310
1290 x 940 x 180/250
60 - 120
Manual moulding20 - 5002050 x 1200 x 200/200