VIADRUS Inc. has a very long foundry tradition. The beginnings of foundry production dates back to the year 1888. Past experience and professional approach in this field is a guarantee of high and stable quality of gray iron castings.

Start of production board from 1888

Custom made grey iron castings

  • OEM supply of cast iron boiler drums and heat exchangers for boilers and heaters based on our proven design as well as design according to the customer's documentation
  • OEM supply of cast iron boiler sections of our own design and according to customer's documentation
  • supplies customized heating and other purposes castings, while our speciality are thin-walled castings and hollow castings


High quality castings and OEM production is ensured also by the System of Quality Management according to EN ISO 9001 and by the established environmentally friendly system according to EN ISO 14001.
Certificate EN ISO 14001
Certificate EN ISO 9001
Certificate for historical boiler LIGNO 1 production
Historical certificate in German